Victorian child labour

This set of resources can be used to scaffold the EAL learners' listening skills when listening to presentational language. There is a focus on the use of emotive language to describe conditions for child labourers in Victorian coalmines. It is designed to be used with a short video clip which is available on the BBC website.

This resource can be used with a whole class but contains specific scaffolds for the EAL learner. There are visuals and vocabulary to ensure that prior knowledge is activated to enable the listener to understand the content of the clip. The notetaking scaffolds are used to focus children when listening to the language of presentation. They encourage collaborative work in order to fill in any gaps in the information that they have been listening to. There are further resources that can be used on an interactive whiteboard, or can be printed out, to focus learners on the particular language used in presentation. These resources would be a good starting point in preparation for an oral presentation or an extended piece of writing.

Licence Information

This resource is free to use for educational purposes. © Bell Educational Trust 2016.

This resource was originally developed by C. Hurley and has been adapted for EAL Nexus.