The Stone Age

Children love learning about the stone age and this resource includes various activities to support that learning. From hunting woolly mammoths to starting to build houses, learners will gain an understanding of the changes that took place from the Palaeolithic to Neolithic eras. With plenty of images and scaffolded activities beginners can understand and describe life in the Stone Age.

Targeting both beginner and intermediate EAL learners, this pack has them talking, listening, sorting, role playing, working in groups and writing. There is a comprehensive range of activities including a flashcard sorting activity where learners work in groups to discuss images on flashcards and decide if they show what people did in the Paleolithic or Neolithic eras or both. With help of a substitution table they can construct sentences. Then learners can imagine they are a child in the Paleolithic or Neolithic times and describe what they can see, what they do every day and what their parents do every day.

Licence Information

This resource is free to use for educational purposes. © Bell Educational Trust 2016.

This resource was originally developed by L. Webster and has been adapted for EAL Nexus.