Of Mice and Men: Part 6

This work pack is intended to support EAL learners to access 'Of Mice and Men' when being studied as a class text. It is intended to be used in conjunction with resource packs on the other sections (chapters) of the novel.The pack includes resources for beginner, intermediate and advanced EAL learners.

The aim of the pack is to enable beginner EAL learners to understand  the final part ‘Of Mice and Men’, and to explore the ending, particularly George's motivation inkilling Lennie . There is a summary of the section in accessible English, accompanied by flashcards and DARTs activities.

There is also a collaborative activity focused on selecting relevant quotations and inserting them into a text. This is intended to be done by the whole class, working in pairs.

Licence Information

This resource is free to use for educational purposes. © Bell Educational Trust 2016.

Character illustration by Jude de Podesta.