The first aeroplane flight

The flight of the first aeroplane was an exciting and pivotal point in history and this resource provides a range of activities to support EAL learners in exploring this topic. The resource includes activities for both beginner and intermediate EAL learners. Learners are taken through a range of activities that develop both their knowledge and their language.

Talk is a key element. The resource includes collaborative activities such as a flashcard game and a connect 4 game to support learning new vocabulary and a 5 x 5 game which supports constructing sentences using simple connectives. The picture cards support retelling the tory of the Wright brothers. Writing is also scaffolded and developed, through activities such as the substitution table and an activity comparing the Wright brothers' glider with their aeroplane. 

Licence Information

This resource is free to use for educational purposes. © Bell Educational Trust 2016.