EAL Nexus competition winner

In February this year EAL Nexus, British Council launched an art competition for young learners in schools across the United Kingdom. The entire competition was based around issues of identity and integration, both of which are at the core of our project’s aims. We asked learners to design their own identity flag that would represent their past and present experiences.

By the end of the project’s deadline, which was set on the 15th of May, we received over 300 artworks from young learners across the country. We were pleasantly surprised by such a fantastic response and would like to take this opportunity to thank all learners who sent their artworks to us, as well as, all the teachers who supported our competition.

The selection process was time consuming and difficult as all submitted works were interesting and worth consideration. The judges, British Council Director of Visual Arts, Emma Dexter with Ben Uri Head of Curatorial Services, Rachel Dickson, looked at each artwork with deserving attention and initially chose 50 of the best works. In the second round of judging 10 of the best works were selected based on their representation of the subject matter, creativity, and execution.

Here are the top ten winners of the EAL Nexus art competition.

1st - Javeba Kanneh-Mason

2nd - Maya Patel

3rd - Ors Varga

4th - Jill Bellong

5th - Aiza Tahir

6th - Hifsah Zakir

7th - Kira Schneider

8th - Jacques Perraga-Michitsch

9th - Titusz Krisztian Horrath

10th - Mahla Nasrollahi

We would like to thank our judges for their participation and commitment, as well as congratulate our top 10 winners for producing such brilliant works. Prizes will be sent individually to the relevant schools and then given out to the winners during the school’s assembly.