Is your first language different from English? Do you speak one or more than one language other than English at home? If yes, then you are multilingual and this page has been written for you. We want to share important information with you about being multilingual.

Is speaking more than one language good for me?

Being multilingual is good for your development and your future.

Children and young people surrounded by different languages:

  • understand different cultures, people and points of view better
  • are better at ‘multitasking’ and focusing attention
  • start reading earlier
  • find it easier to learn other languages.

Being multilingual gives you much more than two languages!

Source: Adapted from bilingualism matters.

Bilingualism matters
Being multilingual also increases your mental abilities such as problem-solving, creativity and memory. It will give you a fantastic advantage when looking for a job later on too!

You can find more information on the benefits of speaking more than one language in this blog.

Should I stop speaking my first language?

People sometimes think that if they stopped using their first language, they would learn English faster. This is not true!

Being fluent in your first language will help you learn English faster, so it is really important that you carry on using your first language if you can.

Speaking more than one language is a great strength and a reason to be proud.

Congratulations to you!