Learn in school

Here are our top ideas for learning English in school 

Try to speak English at home


- Try to relax. It’s difficult to learn when you’re stressed.

- It’s OK that you don’t understand everything.

Try not to worry


- Try not to worry. Smile if you can.

- Be open to making friends.

Try to speak English at home


- Listen and watch. In lessons, look at the pictures and other visuals like graphs and charts. You can get a lot of meaning from them. 

Try to speak English at home


- Follow and copy.

- Look at what the other pupils in the class are doing, and copy them. This is easier in subjects like DT (Design Technology), Art, PE and in Science practical lessons.

- Talk to your friends about what you need to do.

Ask your teacher


- Say if you don’t understand. Ask for help.

- Ask the teacher, a Teaching Assistant or the person sitting next to you.

Translate keywords


- Look for some important words (keywords) or ask someone to do this for you.

- Translate the words into your home language to make your own glossaries for each subject.

Try to speak English at home


- Use a translation dictionary or translation website/app. 

- Use an English learner's dictionary.

Join a club


- Join a club. Many schools have clubs before school, at lunchtime or after school. If you like sport, art or music for example, join in. It doesn’t matter about your English level.

Read in home language


- Read about the subject in your home language too. Some books, e.g. some Shakespeare plays, can be found in lots of languages. Ask the school to get the book for you, or buy it yourself if you can.