EAL Nexus working with you

The EAL Nexus project is aiming to support and strengthen EAL networks across the UK by establishing partnerships with EAL experts and organisations and by supporting and creating platforms for discussions around EAL in the UK.

We engage with a wide variety of partners, with the objective of collaboratively supporting EAL learners to access learning and positively engage in schools, in the community and in society.

We invite EAL experts, stakeholders and organisations to work with us to reach this goal.

We present below ideas and ways in which we can collaborate together.

Please do get in touch with us for more information.


In partnership with the Bell Foundation and NALDIC, we are organising a series of seminars for head teachers and senior management looking at how to improve the achievement of EAL learners in school.

The EAL Nexus project is currently supporting seven research projects covering various areas of English as an additional language.

We are very keen to work with Local Authorities (in England, Wales and Scotland), with Education and Library Boards (Northern Ireland) and with EAL regional organisations across the UK.

Our team is building capacity in the sector through workshops and seminars, and by working with schools to better understand how to enhance pedagogy across the curriculum.

By sharing our work and expertise in the field of EAL, we are keen to contribute to the field of policy making in EAL.

To achieve a sustainable, long-lasting impact of the work in EAL for young learners, we are keen to work in partnership with community groups and migrants’ organisation, parents’ associations, teachers’ associations and other professional associations working in the field of EAL.