About EAL Nexus

A great bank of resources with practical activities that can easily be used in schools Secondary school teacher, Birmingham.

The EAL Nexus website, launched in 2014, is designed to help learners who speak English as an additional language to access learning and positively engage in schools, in the community and in society.

As well as hosting a wide range of resources for teachers, parents, and the EAL sector, the website also provides up to date information about the UK education systems, EAL policies, assessment, school inspection and relevant research.

The project was originally funded by the European Fund for the Integration of Third Country Nationals, The British Council and The Bell Foundation. Between January 2014 and June 2015 a team of more than 50 specialist qualified and experienced teachers and consultants, supported by administrative staff and our web editor, worked on different aspects of the project across the UK.

Since July 2015 the EAL Nexus website has been a key aspect of The Bell Foundation’s strategic partnership with the British Council, who continued to host the website for a further two years. The content of the site, including the teaching resources, is now developed and managed by The Bell Foundation and forms part of our EAL programme, which aims to build capacity in the EAL sector. 

A unique website with quality materials

The EAL Nexus website hosts high quality resources and teaching materials, which are free-to-access for mainstream teachers. All resources have detailed teaching notes which advise teachers on ways they can be used to meet specific curriculum, language and literacy objectives, in line with best practice for EAL learners.

Our teaching resources are also cross-referenced with our Great Ideas pages, which explain practical, tried and tested teaching and learning strategies that underpin the resources, and are based on well-established principles of good practice in EAL pedagogy.

Building capacity in the sector

In 2014 The Bell Foundation and the British Council, in partnership with the National Association for Language Development in the Curriculum (NALDIC), ran a series of CPD workshops and seminars, reaching over 19,000 teachers and over 70,000 learners, and worked with schools to better understand how to improve EAL pedagogy across the curriculum.

EAL Nexus materials are now promoted as part of The Bell Foundation’s Language for Results programme, which aims to build sustainable EAL provision in schools across the UK.

The EAL Nexus website offers parental and community support by providing useful information and sharing best practice, including resources about life and the school system in the UK. The Bell Foundation works in partnership with EAL experts and organisations by supporting and creating platforms for discussion around EAL in the UK.


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